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Jalisco, Mexiko. Tequila och Mezcal från distriktet Jalisco i Mexiko av producenten Tequila Los Abuelos. 881 SEK. X. E-post *. I går kveld ble jeg introdusert for en ny tequila: Fortaleza Reposado. Rund og snill, men jeg må prøve den på nyttsmakte den etter ymse  Tequila, lime juice, Corona & salted rim. Lagerita Mezcalisada | 135 Tequila Don Julio Blanco, Cointreau, lime juice, syrup Fortaleza, Reposado.

Fortaleza tequila

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Trustpilot star. + 500 recensioner. 5 stjärnor på Trustpilot. Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila.

6 viktiga mexikanska sprit för Cinco de Mayo - HILOVED.COM

Sleek on the tongue, interestingly home grown and earthly on the sense of taste. Barriles La Fortaleza, Tequila (Jalisco). 2,198 likes · 7 talking about this. Barriles personalizados de roble blanco Americano, envios a toda la Republica Mexicana.

Fortaleza tequila

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Fortaleza tequila

Nothing beats it. Fortaleza Tequila Reposado. 100% estate grown Blue Agave Tequilana Weber, and aged in oak barrels for 6-9 months. Our Reposado label contains a drawing of a Tahona or stone mill, with a horse pulling it as it was done over a century ago. At Tequila Los Abuelos, we are committed to producing the finest Tequila … Fortaleza Blanco: This one is the original crystal clear tequila straight from the copper pot stills. It comes in individually numbered bottles of 750ml and retails for approximately R750 a bottle. Fortaleza Reposado : This is aged for up to six months in American Whiskey barrels, giving it a slightly more caramelized flavour with hints of spice.

Fortaleza tequila

112/224. Fortaleza Añejo. Fredag 18/11 kl 18.45 Lär dig mer om tequila och mezcal. Fortaleza Reposado och Blanco finns nu tillgängliga i Systembolagets beställningssortiment. Tequila var en väldigt charmig stad där destillerierna låg tätt och man La Fortaleza bjöd in till sitt destilleri igen för en magnifik maskeradbal  TEQUILA/MEZCAL/SOTOL. 39 kr.
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Jalisco, Mexiko. Tequila och Mezcal från distriktet Jalisco i Mexiko av producenten Tequila Los Abuelos.

No two ways about it, when it comes to the world's tastiest tequilas,  Fortaleza Reposado has it's own distinct character, and is not like any other tequila. Flavors include cooked agave, citrus, vanilla, apple, earth, and cinnamon . The  Fortaleza Tequila Blanco 80pf. 750ml Bottle.
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Fortaleza Tequila - Renbjer & Magnusson

At Tequila Los Abuelos, we are committed to producing the finest Tequila possible. Tequila Fortaleza, is arguably one of the most sensational, artisanally made Tequilas in the world of agave spirits.

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Fortaleza Blanco is a true aficionado’s tequila. Fortaleza Tequila is a brand with over 140 years of history behind it and a well-deserved cult following within the drinks industry. Whilst it has somehow found its way onto some back bars since production restarted in 2002, it has only been readily available to the UK public since 2016. Tequila Fortaleza Tequila Fortaleza is a traditional, family produced premium tequila. Followers must be of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction.#DRINKFORTALEZA Reposado tequila ages for at least two months in the barrel. We researched the best bottles, including 100% agave tequilas and sipping tequilas. Terraza La Fortaleza, Tequila, Jalisco, México.

Tequila Destillerad drycklikör Fortaleza Drink, tequila, agave, agave

PRICE/CL. Ocho Blanco, Los Altos, Mexico.

Have a look at the pricing, reviews of this top quality Drink. Purchase … Aromas of citrus, and rich cooked agave fill your nose in this unique and very special blanco tequila. Also present: butter, olive, earth, black pepper, and a deep inviting vegetal complexity.